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Founded in 1996, Hisense South Africa has grown into one of the top consumer electronics brands in the country. With steady growth, quality products & excellent service all the while sustaining strong, long-term relationships with our client base, Hisense SA has aided in the overall development of the multibillion dollar global conglomerate, Hisense International, a company now recognized as one of the world's leading consumer electronics manufacturers.

Hisense SA places a major emphasis on high quality and innovative manufacturing, and although the latest products are researched & developed within our global R&D network, production takes place in our local manufacturing plant in Ga-rankuwa. Originally set up as a CRT factory in 1998, the production plant now ensures production of every CRT & panel TV required for the entire country, providing the latest technology at a truly affordable price.

Since early 2009, Hisense SA has taken strides to incorporate the best of all that Hisense has to offer into the South African market. Thanks to years of enhancing our infrastructure, procedures and relations with local retailers and consumer electronics traders, a whole new range of products was birthed in SA, including; top of the range, energy saving refrigerators, the latest inverter technology air-conditioners, smart LED & 3D panel TVs, and an inspiring new range of small home appliances, all available at selected stores and major retailers, nationwide.

Over the past five years, Hisense South Africa has grown immensely, but has always focused and taken pride in optimizing our well established after sales service operations. With fully functional service centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth and trusted Hisense agents in all 9 South African provinces, we consistently strive to provide excellent service and true value to our customers.

Our ongoing focus is to establish Hisense as a leading consumer electronics brand that is both reliable and desirable to all South Africans. By providing the highest quality, eco friendly, energy saving products at competitive prices, we strive to be an innovative, quality driven and reliable brand in South Africa. As part of our move, ever closer toward achieving our goals, Hisense SA continuously partakes in marketing & advertising campaigns that evoke imagination and open a world of quality and true value for money.

Hisense SA is proud to contribute to the well being of South Africa with various social contributions being made when possible. The Hisense education scholarship has enriched the lives of under privileged children by supplying bursaries to financially burdened students. Hisense super courts -indoor soccer arenas, have given back to the community with the use of sport and have shown to have a great impact on the lives of many young soccer stars. Hisense SA will continue to help improve the lives of communities, to ensure that whilst we grow, our country grows with us.

Hisense South Africa

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