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Established in 1999, Leapfroglobal started off in Singapore as a distributor for audio systems. With the years of industry experience that came with the company's founders, Leapfroglobal quickly and firmly established itself by gaining rapid entry into the market through its strong distribution channels.

Two years down the road, the company founders observed that in the audio market, people were either given a choice of a generic product that offered little or no assurance, or had to pay a large premium for a brand name. The gap between these options was substantial, and it became clear that what was needed: a reliable, quality product that was affordable for everyone. After all, why should good audio be exclusive, when music itself is for the masses?

Inaugurated in 2001, SonicGear started by reaching out to Singaporeans with audio products that delivered good performance at an affordable price. By providing its consumers reassurance through a reliable product and service integrity, the brand started off on a sure footing.

At the beginning, the audio products developed were mainly speakers, sold mostly in independent stores. The strong positive reaction and receptiveness of consumers towards the products subsequently saw SonicGear making its way into national consumer electronic chain stores and outlets such as Challenger, Carrefour, Courts, FairPrice Xtra, and most recently Harvey Norman.

Though primarily based in Singapore, SonicGear Lab continued to expand through tapping and penetrating into neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, and subsequently other regions and countries. Sonic Gear Lab's audio products can now be found over 30 different countries in Southeast Asia and Europe today.

Being a market leader for audio products in Southeast Asia, Sonic Gear Lab continues to deliver quality products at an affordable price while analyzing the latest trends and producing quality audio innovations. Their product lines include: multimedia systems, portable speakers, audio earpieces, headphones, headsets and audio docking stations compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod.

SonicGear South Africa

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  • Speakers
Warranty support South Africa: You need to return the product back to your original point of sale. No other store can offer warranty backup on your product and there is no central point of contact for end users.

You need to return the product back to your original point of sale.

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