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Whether you're a gamer looking for that cutting-edge case or a system integrator seeking a reliable and efficient power supply, you've got a lot of factors to consider, from performance to stability to style. As the leading global provider of high performance PC components, Antec believes in delivering products that not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. Your computing experience should be quiet, efficient, cool and elegant; Antec don't believe in compromise, and neither should you. Here are just a few of the core values that set Antec's products miles ahead of the competition.

From the buzzing of a fan over sound of your favourite game to the whirring of a hard drive over a whispered line in your favourite movie, today's computers can be noisy and disruptive. Since it was founded in 1986, Antec has been a pioneer in the field of Quiet Computing, developing cutting-edge technologies that enable whisper-quiet operation. Antec offers a wide variety of Quiet Computing solutions, from enclosures with sound-deadening panels to low-noise cooling fans to vibration-reducing silicone grommets. Once you've experienced a truly quiet computer, you'll never accept anything else.

When it comes to building a PC, it's not just the cost of the parts that matter, but the total cost of ownership. Many power supplies are highly inefficient, wasting energy and costing you extra on your electrical bill, as well as polluting the environment. Antec is proud to offer a wide variety of power supplies that pass 80 PLUS, the highest independently certified standard in energy efficiency. These power supplies have been tested and guaranteed to operate at 80 or more percent efficiency with no reduction in performance; an 80 PLUS compliant PSU can save 21 percent of total electricity use across all modes of operation. If that weren't enough, many Antec enclosures, like the New Solution series or the Sonata III 500, come with 80 PLUS power supplies installed, delivering the power you need and saving you money on your power bill.

Nothing poses a greater danger to computers than overheating. Improperly cooled computers degrade quicker, and can even be severely damaged as a result. Antec offers the latest in cooling technology, from our standalone blue LED fans to our actively cooled hard drive enclosure. Whether it's a power supply, a gaming enclosure, or a home theatre case, Antec solutions are designed to optimize airflow and maximize cool, leveraging features like triple chamber design and advanced cable management. Whatever you're building, Antec keeps it cool.

Appearances matter. We understand that. And no matter what product you're looking for, Antec can guarantee that it has the elegant and sleek look you crave. From our understated and subtle New Solution enclosures to our unbeatably stylish TruePower Quattro power supplies, Antec products are attractive, enticing, and utterly irresistible.

A PC is an investment, and you should settle for nothing short of the system of your dreams. Build it. Believe it. That's the Antec way.

Antec South Africa

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  • 2.1 Speakers
  • ATX Desktop Cases
  • ATX Desktop Cases with No Power Supply
  • BTX Desktop Cases
  • Mini-ITX / Mini cases
  • Notebook cooling / stands
  • Wireless presenters & remote
  • And much more...
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