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Boss Audio Dual Channel Wireless Infrared Headphones

Boss - Boss Audio Dual Channel Wireless Infrared Headphones (Sold Individually), For use in cars, trucks, motorhomes, and other vehicles with 12V video-Black, Retail Box
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Boss Audio Dual Channel Wireless Infrared Headphones

Boss Audio Dual Channel Wireless Infrared Headphones (Sold Individually), For use in cars, trucks, motorhomes, and other vehicles with 12V video-Black, Retail Box


Boss Audio Dual Channel Wireless Infrared Headphones (Sold Individually)- Studio quality headsets, Wide angle infrared detection, Padded ear pieces, High quality drivers, Adjustable headsets, Carrier frequencies: 2.3/3.2MHz (left channel) - 2.8/3.8MHz (right channel)


  • For use with the Boss HSIR and Boss monitors
  • Dual Channel Wireless Infrared Headphones
  • Padded ear cups for comfort
  • Designed for use in cars, trucks, motorhomes, and other vehicles with 12V video
  • Color: Black

The transmitter from several of our monitors send a high quality stereo signal which can be received by the HP30 wireless infrared headphones. The best sound will be obtained if you sit directly in front of the monitor, within 1.8metres. If you choose to sit on either side of the monitor you can expect the same great reception within 35 degrees to the left or the right of the monitor.

Dual Channel
The HP30 has the ability receive two separate signals from two separate video units. Say you have a couple of passengers who want to see their own videos. One flips to channel A and views/listens to one unit, while the second flips to channel B and views/listens to another video. You can also pick up both channels A and B with just one pair of headphones.


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Product CodeBS-HP30spacer
Transmission system Infrared light
Carrier frequencies 2.3 / 3.2MHz (left channel) - 2.8 / 3.8MHz (right channel)
Distortion Less than 1%
S / N ratio Greater than 60 dB
Channel separation Greater than 40 dB
Frequency response 30Hz – 20KHz
Power source 2 x AAA batteries
Current consumption 25 mA max (during play) / 15 mA (muted)
Do not install components in areas which are susceptible to rain, moisture, direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold, excessive dust, dirt, or humidity.
Use only the installation parts and hardware provided with the unit to insure proper installation. Using other parts can cause malfunction and possible damage to your headphones.
Use only a power source with 12 volts DC (negative ground).
Before final installation, temporarily connect the wiring according to the diagram provided in your user manual and check it to ensure that it has been connected properly as well as tested.

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