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After more than 20 years as the international leader in the entry to mid level KVM switch market, ATEN has introduced the next generation of enterprise-level KVM switching, the ALTUSEN product line of IT infrastructure management solutions.

Altusen KVM Switches
KVM switches allow you to control multiple computers from a single console (keyboard, monitor, and mouse). The key benefits of using a KVM switch are: 1) saving money on redundant hardware; 2) consolidating desk space; and 3) increasing performance by having multiple computers working as one. As the leading KVM switch solutions provider, ATEN offers a host of interfaces and functions to meet your individual needs. Whether at home, in the office, or in the server room, a KVM switch, allows you to access any computer on your installation from a single console any-time you want to...more

Altusen Over the NET
The ATEN Over the NET series consists of KVM Over the NET, Serial Over the NET, Power Over the NET, Guardian Over the NET and Control Center Over the NET. Over the NET products utilize the TCP/IP protocol, making them accessible from any computer on the LAN, WAN, or Internet, providing advanced remote management capabilities to users. Furthermore, users also can consolidate the management of Over the NET devices via the Control Center Over the NET solutions.

Altusen KVM Extenders
ATEN KVM Extenders utilize 3-in-1 KVM cables or Cat 5e cables to connect local and remote units, allowing a computer's keyboard, monitor, and mouse to be located up to 300 m (1,000 ft) away from a computer or KVM Installation. They eliminate the need for travelling back and forth between desk and different server rooms, and allow system equipment to reside in a safe place while the console is located for convenience...more

Altusen Video Products
Whether at home or in the office, you can stay connected with the ATEN range of video products. From switches and splitters to extenders and converters, the ATEN range of video products provides you with a multitude of flexible, integrated solutions for all video-related applications .

Altusen USB & FireWire
ATEN offers a range of USB connectivity solutions to suit a wide variety of users and their applications. Our USB 2.0 products give you the freedom to connect high-speed devices like external storage drives, DVDs, digital cameras, scanners and more. IEEE 1394, known as FireWire to Apple users and iLink on Sony PCs and most DV cams, opens up a whole new world of applications. It enables you to connect hundreds of 1394-enabled devices like home entertainment and video equipment, external HDD, desktop cameras, digital music players and game platforms.

Altusen Data Communication
We offer a wide range of auto switches and interface converters which include serial PCI cards and parallel line extenders. The Bitronics-capable models allow you to take advantage of enhanced parallel port features, such as bi-directional communication, higher data throughput, and printer control from the keyboard.

Altusen Embedded Solutions
ATEN is not only specialized in connectivity solutions in information technology, but also offers embedded solutions for system management. The ATEN BMC Management card provides the easiest solution for platform management. The OPMA card offers a modular platform hardware management subsystem for OPMA enabled servers.

Altusen Accessories
ATEN is known throughout the industry for providing efficient, stable, user-friendly KVM solutions. ATEN also provides patented KVM cables that offer higher quality signal integrity features than the ordinary cables commonly found on the market.

Altusen South Africa

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