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Laptop Carry Bags South Africa

This online shop sells laptop carry bags.

Laptop bags offer an easy and convenient way to transport your laptop and is the best way to protect your laptop from damage and scratches.

Types of laptop bags

Select a bag that is large enough to carry your laptop, and yet small enough so that the laptop does not move inside the bag.

A 15.4" (15.4 inch) laptop will fit into most laptop carry bags that range from 15.4" to 21", however, it is recommended to get a 15.4" laptop bag.

12" (12 inch), 13" (13 inch) laptop bags and sleeves

The 12inch and 13inch carry bags are for use with netbooks and may be used fro tablet computers such as the Samsung Galaxy and iPads

The 12inch and 13 inch sleeves that we sell are not carry bags, but are protective sleeves that prevents nasty scratches your iPad or Samsung Galaxy, or your netbook.

14" laptop carry bags (14 inch laptop carry bags)

These bags offer good protection for smaller laptop with a screen size of 14inch or smaller.

15" laptop bags (15 inch laptop bags), 15.4" (15.4 inch) laptop bags, 16" (16 inch) laptop bags

This is the standard laptop size. The 15inch is the 4:3 square screen, whereas the 15.4 inch is the 16:9 wide screen format.

The 16inch or 16.4 inch laptop bags as well as sleeves are for use with the larger 16inch and 16.4 inch laptops. These bags can normally be adjusted for 15.4 inch laptops.

Large laptop bags

Large laptop bags are 17inch, 18 inch and larger. Select the correct size for your laptop. A smaller laptop will not be secure inside a large bag, and it is recommended that you purchase a smaller bag for smaller laptops.

Small bags

Small laptop / Tablet bags are for use with very small laptops and netbooks, these range through 7 inch, 8.9 inch, 9.7 inch, 10 inch, 10.1 inch, 10.2 inch, 11 inch, 11.6 inch, 13 inch.

These bags can also be used on Samsung Galaxy and iPad type tablet computers.

Type of laptop carry bags that are sold by us

We sell a variety of bag types and these include

  • Laptop and iPad sleeves
  • Laptop bags with handles
  • Ladies laptop bags
  • Backpacks
  • Slip cases
  • Pouches

Laptop bag materials

  • Leather bags
    Strong and robust, long life and high quality
  • Polyester bags 
    Very good water resistance
  • Nylon
    Excellent strength and very good quality
  • Neoprene
    Protective skin to prevent scratches.


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