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Lavod Corp (Lavod) was founded in Oct. 2003. It is a company with a strong promise to provide the consumer with personal audio and video solution for outdoor sports.

Lavod has developed sport used audio gadget and waterproof bags for swimming. From AquaMusic, AquaCube, to today's newest, TropicalFever, which combines pedometer and swimming laps counter in one and the coming next generation of AquaShuttle.

There are also a variety of bags to protect your iPhone, iPod or iPad during various kinds of water sports like swimming, surfing, water spa etc.

Lavod also involves in cycling sport. After the 1st generation of Lavod's Bikeman, one of the first MP3+ FM + light sound speaker in one, the 2nd generation will also debut in Q4, 2012 with more powerful features in every aspects.

Aside from the audio lines, a newly made IronRunner, a pedometer heart rate sport watch, is also rolled to the front stage after years of development. It helps users to track and manage personal health. This is a new attempt for Lavod to enter the heath management device.
Also, Lavod has spent a great deal of effort in introducing the action DV field. Action DV is fastest growing market for sport. People love to upload and share their video clips with friends on YouTube. We have announced Eagle, one of the smallest waterproof 1080p/30 fps full HD action DV available in Q4.

With headquarter in Taiwan, sales office in Shenzhen, and factory in Donguang, Guangdong, China, Lavod has built a clear and professional work chain to provide the first grade sport electronics. Sport items require more test and special process, like ultrasonic case pressing, deep water test tank, pressure measure machine etc. in production line, and Lavod has such experience for over 8 years.

Lavod's aim is to make sport more interesting.

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