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The name KRATOR was derived from "impact crater" the visible depressions left on the surface of planets and moons. Impact craters are caused by the high-velocity impact of a meteorite crashing into the face of a planet. The same kind of forceful impact and visible change our products will have on the face of the consumer audio and gaming industry. What makes it different? KRATOR is a brand with attitude, especially focus on innovation and creative. KRATOR turns product into a design with aesthetic and imagination to fit into your daily life. Our speakers and headphones incorporate the latest in acoustic science with innovative design to deliver high-fidelity sound and looks. Gaming devices are designed to fit the way people play, and take game control and response to a whole new level. We believe that KRATOR would change your perspective of audio and gaming. KRATOR makes speakers, headphones and game devices for full impact and imagination.

At KRATOR, we're on a mission to transform the landscape of consumer audio and computer gaming. KRATOR is equal to both aesthetic design and precision-driven performance. Like you, we've had enough of the lackluster performance and uninspired design of today's consumer audio and gaming products. We aim to knock speaker, headphone and game controller design into a new orbit.

KRATOR South Africa

This online shop sells the following products:
  • Speakers
  • Headsets microphones
Warranty support South Africa: You need to return the product back to your original point of sale. No other store can offer warranty backup on your product and there is no central point of contact for end users.

Repairs: You need to return the product back to your original point of sale.

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