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Kingmax produces DRAM, networking equipment,PC cards, and USB modems

KINGMAX, a world renowned leading brand of DRAM and flash memory, has launched the worldwide first TB-class SSD, 1TB 2.5" SATA II SSD, leads Solid State Drive into the new era of TB. KINGMAX applies unique patented packing technology to implement the 8 Stacked Die technology for 1TB SSD and commits to the greater capacity of the reasonable price, oaths TB-class SSD into the era.

KINGMAX takes the lead in launching 1TB SSD for SSD products' positive prospect and the popularity of such products to promote the role that time. Cheng Qian Zhang, Senior Vice President of KINGMAX pointed out : 〝In addition to consumer application of SSD products, we have a good prospect on industrial application of SSD in the future, such as, POS, ATM, Arcade Game and other customized request, etc. For industrial application, it requires best reliability and compatibility to withstand harsh environments. As a leading flash and memory manufacturer, KINGMAX has core technology and the strength of SSD featuring vertical industrial integration capabilities and innovative cutting-edge patented technology to implement the 8 Stacked Die technique for 1TB SSD with high reliability.

All KINGMAX SSD Series products adhere to the RoHS compliance, CE standards, which are FCC certified. We pride ourselves on our superior product quality with the rigid quality control ensuring all the KINGMAX products meet the tests and standards to satisfy our customers.

2.5" SATAII SSD Product Features:

  • High speed transmission and faster startup
  • Shock and vibration resistance
  • No audible noise
  • High reliability
  • Global wear leveling to extend product life cycle and optimize performances
  • Strongly wear leveling algorithm to enhance product life cycle
  • Strongly ECC algorithm to correct data

Since its establishment in 1989, KINGMAX has set its sights on becoming the leader in professional computer memory manufacturing. Led by founder Liu Fu-Chou, KINGMAX is committed to providing the best memory solutions to the memory module and memory card industry, coupled with visionary product strategies, leading technologies, unparalleled customer service and professional operations management.

In additional to their headquarters and ISO9001-certificated manufacturing facilities in Hsinchu, Taiwan, KINGMAX has subsidiaries located in Taipei, China, and Hong Kong, with a total number of employees at over 1,100. The group invested in KINGMAX Digital Inc. in 2001, extending its business to small memory card development and manufacturing. The KINGMAX Group is also the first manufacturer in the world with its own sealing and testing facilities, taking the industry lead in development by continually creating unique patented technologies.

KINGMAX Semiconductor introduced the Tiny BGATM Memory Module under its own brand, winning the Taiwan Excellence Award in 1999. The Tiny BGATM DDR Memory Module introduced in 2000 also won the Taiwan Excellence Award, as well as 60 other awards, presenting KINGMAX as the icon of overclocking memories. KINGMAX also introduced mobile phone memory cards and the Super Stick USB disk under its own brand name. Both products won the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2006 and were praised by both the international media and the consumer market.'s 2003 survey ranked KINGMAX among the world's top five memory model manufacturers. Taiwan professional computer magazine PC WEEK also recognized KINGMAX as the top memory module manufacturer that same year.

Since its inception, the company's goal has been to develop an international brand by bringing high-quality tech products to the world while providing instant professional services and top-rate products to every corner of the globe. Via a remarkable global marketing system, KINGMAX-branded products have reached over 50 countries. These efforts, along with the stringent advanced-compatibility tests that ensure consistent quality of ever KINGMAX-branded product, prove that KINGMAX is committed to offering only the highest-quality tech products. This is quality that KINGMAX demonstrates to its customers through an unbending commitment to customer service and products that are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Kingmax South Africa

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