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With its roots set deep into the world of traditional information technology distribution, Corex has evolved to focus on five strategic areas:
  • building on its historical foundation as a distributor of global brand name components, including those in the do‑it‑yourself (DIY) PC and PC gaming sectors
  • providing value-added services, support and products to the dynamic small to medium business (SMB) sector
  • the burgeoning point of sale (POS) market
  • Digital Signage
  • Digital video surveillance
Since it was established in 2003, Corex has attached great value to building up solid relationships within the South African channel, underscored by firm commitments based on forming true partnerships with resellers and dealers to create a stable, sustainable and loyal base that grows with - and supports - Corex.

Corex applies the same approach in its partnerships with the brands it represents and distributes in South Africa - all leading, world-class companies that add value to the products they market.

In cultivating these valuable relationships both locally and globally, Corex prides itself on its aggressive approach to distribution. Underscoring this is its refusal to take the traditional approach of focusing only on volumes and so-called "box moving"; besides not creating a win-win scenario for all involved, this leads to both a lack of vision as well as a lack of focus in the distribution arena.

It also results in the dilution of the channel, a lack of brand differentiation and no unique value propositions from most local distributors.

Against this challenging backdrop, which will also result in greater consolidation amongst vendors and distributors in coming months and years, Corex is better - and different.

Understanding that its success lies with the full, long-term support of the South African channel, Corex is focused, energetic, agile and dynamic. It is prepared to move rapidly with even the most demanding times and ensure all its partners prosper, even as Corex prospers.

The bottom line? Corex remains committed to its exclusive channel-focused vision; one where it works with its partners in bringing value-added solutions to South African companies, consumers and other customers.

Corex South Africa

This online shop sells the following products:
  • CD media
  • DVD media
  • Notebook security
Warranty support South Africa: You need to return the product back to your original point of sale. No other store can offer warranty backup on your product and there is no central point of contact for end users.

Repairs: You need to return the product back to your original point of sale.

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